Amazing Kids OT - Occupational Therapy, Handwriting Clinic, Sensory Processing,

Occupational Therapy aims to assist children to achieve their goals, improve their self-esteem, engagement & participation in everyday activities!

Amazing Kids OT provides Paediatric Occupational Therapy, a Handwriting Clinic, Sensory Processing/Integration Techniques, DIR® Floortime Techniques, PLAY Project, Therapeutic Listening, Social Thinking
® techniques, a Social Skills group & a Developmental Play Clinic in Geelong.  

DIR/Floortime enables children to improve their imaginative skills, ability to think and problems solve, engagement and sensory motor devleopment at the one timeAmazing Kids Occupational Therapy provides Paediatric Occupational Therapy to Geelong and surrounding regions 

28 Myers St. Geelong PH: 5222 2405

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