DIR/Floortime model

Our clinic uses the play based DIR/Floortime approach when working with young children who have social-emotional and/or developmental challenges.  The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship based model was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wielder.

What is DIR?

DIR is based on the following insights which have been developed through extensive research on how ALL children develop:

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What does Floortime mean?

Floortime is the spontaneous play and interaction technique that aims to assist the parent to attune to the child and once in a shared world, begin to develop a continuous flow of back and forth interactions. Through this, opportunities are created to assist the child move up the developmental ladder in order to achieve higher levels of social- emotional development of engagement, communication and problem solving.

Current international research has shown that the parent-child (and caregiver-child) relationship needs to be the centre of our intervention programs. The main role of the therapist is to coach, model and support parents to incorporate the Floortime process into their daily routines and play sessions with their child.

The PLAY Project

Kelly Powell is the only Play Project consultant in Australia. The PLAY Project is based on the DIR (Developmental, Individualised, Relationship-based) theory described above. It emphasizes the important of helping parents become their child’s best play partner. Dr Richard Solomon, MD is a developmental behavioural paediatrician and developed the PLAY project in response for a need for evidenced based approach using DIR Floortime method.
Research shows that The PLAY Project leads to improved relationships between parents and their child who has Autism. As a result, the child improves their social and functional development. 

The PLAY Project is:

For more information – www.playproject.org.