How we work

Initial Consultation

No referral is required. Our friendly reception staff will make an appointment for you at a convenient time. You will be booked in with an OT depending on your child’s need and therapist availability. We will attempt to meet your requests.

At the initial consultation, the therapist will discuss your concerns, goals for your child and observe your child (if they are present for the initial consultation).  A semi-structured interview will take place and a plan for future sessions will be discussed.


Assessment will depend on your child’s developmental level and the goals you wish your child to achieve (this may occur over several sessions).  Common assessments used to establish at what level your child is functioning and to help guide intervention may include:


Together yourself and the therapist will discuss options for intervention including the type of techniques that suit your child’s needs and preferences, location, frequency and duration of sessions. Amazing Kids OT work with you (the parent/caregiver) in a partnership to provide strategies and intervention techniques that improve independence and participation. Session notes and home program ideas will be provided after the session. Parents are encouraged to attend all sessions at the clinic as they know their child best and parent modelling and coaching enables strategies to be implemented in daily life away from therapy.