Learn To Play

Learn to Play Therapy is an evidence based, developmentally focused approach developed by Dr Karen Stagnitti (Deakin University). Learn to Play Therapy aims to support children with delayed pretend play skills to develop self-initiated pretend play, thus enhancing their social participation and childhood occupations.

Results from the use of Learn to Play Therapy show a consistent improvement in a child’s language, social skills, decrease in play disruption, increased initiation and sequencing resulting in increased time spent in self-initiated play.

Who benefits from Learn to Play Therapy?

Any child with a developmental age of 18 months or over.

Children with difficulties in their development; play, language, social interaction, problem-solving, organisation, planning and self-regulation.

Clinical groups: developmental delay, ASD, ADHD, ABI and vulnerable children.

How does Learn to Play Therapy run at Amazing Kids OT?

Our Learn to Play Therapists will administer a developmental play assessment with your child to determine their current play level. 

A Learn to Play Program will then be designed to meet the needs of your child. This includes:

Individual sessions and group Learn to Play programs are available.
For more information and resources refer to learntoplayevents.com.